How Hotel Collection Candles Can Bring the Five-Star Experience to You

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That feeling you get when you walk into a luxury — that deep breath in, one where you immerse yourself in all it has to offer — what if you could have that all the time? Not just when walking (or sneaking) into a grand lobby, but when opening the door to your apartment after a long day at work?

Enter Hotel Collections. As the brand explains, the company was founded with the intention of bringing the five-star hotel experience home to you. With an array of candles and home mists formulated after the way some of the world's most iconic buildings smell (yes, really), they make the feeling of high-end hotels in home fragrance form.

Hotel Collections also offers cozy sweats, reed diffusers, and even office-sized options, but today, we're focusing on a few basics: Candles and candle accessories.

After all, even the act of lighting a pleasant candle can be a moment of self-care. So indulging yourself in one that's reminiscent of the hotel chain of your dreams? That's next level.

How Hotel Collection Candles Can Bring the Five-Star Experience to You

Below, shop Home Collections candles modeled on some of the most recognizable resort brands worldwide. I think we can start using "staycation" again now. It's time.

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Hotel Collection Classic Cascade Candle

Who wouldn't want to live at the Four Seasons? Okay, so taking up residence in the penthouse suites of a globally recognized brand might not be super achievable, but at least we can get the fragrance right. This gourmand scent brings together "wild fig, almond, and sandalwood," which are "designed to evoke sophistication and timeless allure."

Hotel Collection Classic Black Velvet Candle

No summary could do this fragrance justice, so I'm going to let the brand speak for itself here. "Seductive and sensual, the Black Velvet candle invites you to embark on an enchanted journey into the unknown. A combination of smoky black tea, fresh Italian bergamot, and a slight undertone of spicy bay leaves create this hypnotic, sexy masterpiece." Mamma mia!

Hotel Collection 24K Magic Room Spray

Look, not everyone can be into candles. Or maybe they are, but parents, landlords, and/or overly interested pets prevent them from lighting anything on fire in the house. Fear not, though, as you're still able to indulge in luxury fragrances! Just in the form of this W Hotels-inspired room spray instead. Bergamot and lemon swirl together for an uplifting effect that's designed to be reminiscent of a walk along "the outskirts of a small Tuscan village."

Hotel Collection Candle Wick Trimmer

This elegant wick trimmer ensures you're always maintaining your candles safely — without sacrificing style.

Hotel Collection Classic Cabana Candle

Enhance your space (no matter the size!) with this aspirationally named Cabana Candle. Drawing its vibe from the legendary Ritz-Carlton hotels, it's reminiscent of overlooking serene waters on a breezy coast; "Botanical jasmine, citrus kisses of bergamot, and fresh marine notes" comprise its scent profile.

Hotel Collection Classic Desert Rose Candle

The Fairmont Hotels — think New York City's iconic Plaza — influenced this natural, "boho-chic" scent. Its notes of "earthy oud wood, sweet praline, and verdant vetiver" should transport you to a room in a cosmopolitan city, perhaps overlooking one of the globe's most iconic parks.

Hotel Collection Classic Dream On Candle

"Turn your home or business into a spa treat" à la the Westin Hotels, thanks to this "delicate" blend of "white tea, calming aloe, and just the slightest hint of cedarwood."

Hotel Collection Classic California Love Candle

Drawing inspiration from Miami Beach's iconic Delano Beach Club, this candle includes an "unforgettable combination" of "sea salt, green tea, and lemongrass" fragrances.

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